Sure Thing Toys Update

COVID-19 Update: 7-8-20 @ 10pm EST
The lights went out in the warehouse last night after midnight, and were back on by 4:10am today. To keep our employees safe, and keep orders moving out the door, we are working two shifts daily, seven days per week. New product continues to arrive daily, and we are pushing it out as fast as we can.
Are we behind schedule on newly placed orders? Yes. Typically, we ship in 2-3 business days, but at the moment we are stretched to near 7 days. Throughout this pandemic, that lead time has shrunk and grown numerous times, and we expect that to continue.
Are we behind schedule on shipping out in-stock pre-orders? Unfortunately YES. Our customers had grown accustomed to pre-orders shipping the same day they arrived on our dock. At the moment, we have nearly 4,000 pre-orders in-hand and we are working feverishly to get them out the door.
Are we answering customer service inquiries? YES, but the volume is through the roof. Average turnaround time right now is up to 3 business days. NO, we are not happy about that. Our goal is 24 hours or less, and we hope to return to that standard soon. Our team is working as fast as they can to answer each one. If you want to know an ETA, or cancel an order, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. Just be patient and our team will handle you request as expeditiously as possible.
When will my toy arrive? That’s a loaded question that we do our absolute best to answer on every single request. This is also a very problematic question during a pandemic. Sure Thing Toys is only as good as the information we are provided. We’ve been called liars, scammers, and worse over the last month. If a manufacturer tells us an item is coming in April, and then pushes to May, and then pushes to July, and now pushes to September, we can only pass on the information they’ve given us at the moment you ask. Dates are CONSTANTLY changing. Just reach out to us for updates and we’ll be happy to give you the latest info.
Are things back to normal in the toy industry? That’s a big, fat, resounding NO. Delays are widespread and we haven’t seen much improvement lately. Everyone has re-opened, but most manufacturers and distributors are having the same issues we are…less staff than usual, and a backlog of orders from the pandemic and subsequent shutdown.
If you need help, PLEASE email and we will get back to you ASAP.
Thanks again for the support from our loyal customers. We look very much forward to everything returning to normal soon.
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