Bandai Hobby Gundam 00 - 00 Raiser MG Model Kit

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Model # 2128733 (Formerly BAN169914)

From the "Gundam 00" anime series, the extremely powerful combo of the 00 Gundam and O Raiser makes its grand appearance! This powerful Gundam has been replicated in Master Grade form and features light up gimmicks with its LED that can be used in any of 5 locations! Full load out of weapons including GN-Sword II and GN Sword III with Raiser sword effect parts, GN beam sabers, GN Shield are included. Clean translucent parts are included for all the various GN Condensers located throughout the body. Energy tanks are also included to recreate its appearance in the Gundam 00 movie! Additional LEDs can be purchased to light up remaining areas.