Bandai Asia Kamen Rider Den-O - Zeronos CSM

Estimated Arrival Date: December 2021

As the latest work of the "COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION" series, "CSM ZERONOS BELT" used by Kamen Rider Zeronos appearing in "Kamen Rider Den-O" broadcast from 2007 to 2008 released. In the TV drama, Kamen Rider Zeronos transforms by inserting the ZERONOS CARD into the buckle part in the center of the ZERONOS BELT. This set comes with a ZERONOS BELT, 3 types of ZERONOS CARDs used for transformation, and 2 types of rider tickets. The transformation standby sound will be activated by pulling the lever of the ZERONOS BELT body. The transformation sound of Kamen Rider Zeronos will be activated by setting the ZERONOS CARD. In addition, you can also enjoy the belt connection sound, the sound in the TV show like the transformation sound of the final form of Kamen Rider Zeronos that appeared in Episode 40. After fully charging the ZERONOS BELT body and pulling out the card, the special move sound of the weapon of Zeronos will be activated.