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Bandai Hobby Gundam Build Fighters - Build Strike Gundam Full Package 1/100 MG Model Kit

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From the anime Gundam Build Fighters: the Build Strike Gundam Full Package in its Master Grade form!
- The main Suit in G.B.F., the Build Strike Gundam was was designed around the Aile Strike Gundam Ver.RM, giving it a light and versatile frame for speed and adaptability. Upgraded with a new transformable beam gun, the Build Booster pack, and a whole new color scheme. As a Master Grade, this Suit has the level of detail that we have come to expect from a high-level kit.
- Build Booster wings can be extended for flight form or lowered.
- Build Booster can be mounted on the included display stand.
- Build Booster beam cannons can move into firing position or used as stabilizers in flight form
- Beam rifle can be transformed into three different forms: the Beam Gun, Beam Rifle, and Enhanced Beam Rifle
- Extra Beam Gun pieces mount onto Chobham shield using attachment gimmick.
- Three point landing gear give the Booster a stable landing platform