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Bandai Spirits Fate/Grand Order - Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Petitrits Model Kit

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From Bandai Hobby. The birth of Petitrits, a new brand featuring Petit sized kits imbued with Spirits! A wide selection of popular, fequently used and surprising servants from Fate/Grand Order will be recreated in petit or deformed sizes!  Avenger Jeane D'Arc Alter includes sword and massive flag weapon that can be held in hand via support on the display stand. Caster Nero features her Noble Phantasm Laud Lentum Domus Ilusterias (Golden Theatre Praised in Song), a powerful pipe organ weapon which can be mounted on 2 clear support stands. Shielder Mash features her iconic shield, which can be held. Cute and stylish, the Petitrits model figures features articulation in the upper body while maintaining a smooth look for the lower body that preserves the sculpt.