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Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian Hacks - Narissa Leader of the Withered Action Figure

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Estimated Arrival Date: February 2024
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From Boss Fight Studio. Narissa led her followers to a place called ‘The Blasted Land’. A toxic waste that is believed to hold innumerable strange and dangerous creatures. Hers is not the first expedition to disappear in this area, the Knights of Accord lost many of their number in that location as well. What could exist there that could claim the lives of so many trained soldiers? And why are so many drawn to it when it is clear that none can survive? Even now, many travel to the region to seek the rumored fortunes and incredible power that is said to be there. These travelers rarely return, and never with their minds and bodies intact.

Includes one blister-carded, 4" action figure with accessories and figure stand. All figures and parts use the amazing H.A.C.K.S. system to mix, match and make your own!