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EXO-6 Star Trek: DS9 - Captain Benjamin Sisko Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure

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From Newson International. Portrayed by the talented Avery Brooks, Captain Benjamin Sisko is one of the most complex characters to come out of Star Trek. This 1/6-scale Standard Edition figure presents Captain Sisko from Season 6 in exquisite detail. Standing approximately 12" tall this is an all-new body designed by EXO-6 featuring over 30 points of articulation, he wears the later "movie" uniform, each element of the outfit authentically reproduced. The original portrait sculpt of Brooks has a hand-painted likeness. Multiple costume pieces are included so the look from the classic episode In the Pale Moonlight can be recreated. Starfleet accessories include a Type II hand phaser, TR-590 Tricorder X, Type 3 Phaser Rifle; and PADD. Additional items include his baseball and his whiskey glass, nine interchangeable hands, a hexagonal display base featuring the transporter pad with two different floor inserts, and an informational card that can used to get an autograph from the performer and display with the figure.