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EXO-6 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Geordi La Forge (Essentials Ver.) 1/6 Scale Figure

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From Newson International.

The EXO-6 Geordi La Forge 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure pays homage to the iconic Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Standing at 11.25 inches, this 1:6-scale figure intricately recreates every detail of Geordi La Forge, including his 24th-century tunic, custom black boots, and removable visor. LeVar Burton's masterful portrayal of Geordi comes to life in the realistic portrait, while the fully articulated body allows dynamic posing. The Starfleet Duty Uniform, magnetic holsters, and meticulously researched accessories, such as the Type II hand phaser and TR-580 Tricorder VII, enhance the figure's authenticity. Ideal for collectors, this fine rendition adds a beloved character to the EXO-6 Star Trek: The Next Generation 1:6-scale figure collection.