Aniplex Fate/Grand Order Duel Collection Eighth Release Figure Blind Box

Combining collectable figures with tabletop gaming, a brand new Fate/Grand Order has now arrived.

This is Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figure-!

In Fate/Grand Order -collection figure-, by using miniature figures and command cards, you can bring the game characters to life and recreate the exciting battles of Fate/Grand Order on your table!

Not only can you enjoy the strategic gameplay, you can also add the stunningly detailed and carefully crafted figures to your collection!

Summon your favorite Servant, form your party, and take on this fateful Duel!

Gather round, Heroic Spirits!

This newest line-up includes a total of five characters:

042: Oda Nobunaga
043: Chacha
044: Hijikata Toshizo
045: Okada Izou
046: Okita Souji