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Funko Pop! Movies: Ghostbusters Afterlife - Mini Puft In Cappuccino

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The Funko Pop! Mini Puft In Cappuccino figure captures the adorable yet mischievous Mini Puft in a delightful and unexpected moment.

Standing at 3.75 inches tall, this vinyl figure showcases a Mini Puft enjoying a cappuccino, complete with a tiny cup and saucer. The figure exudes a sense of playfulness and humor, as the Mini Puft indulges in a unique beverage choice. The sculpting and paintwork are meticulously detailed, capturing the whimsical essence of this character from the Ghostbusters Afterlife film.

As mischievous and playful creatures, the Mini Pufts added a whimsical touch to the Ghostbusters universe, making them memorable additions to the franchise. This Funko Pop! figure perfectly encapsulates one of their amusing moments.

Packaged in a collector-friendly window box, this figure is perfect for display. Whether you're a devoted Ghostbusters fan or simply appreciate the charm of the Mini Pufts, the Mini Puft In Cappuccino Funko Pop! figure is certain to bring a smile to your collection.

Celebrate the playful spirit of the Mini Pufts with this unique and charming figure. It's a delightful addition for fans of the Ghostbusters Afterlife film and anyone who enjoys the lovable antics of these mischievous creatures!