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Customer Appreciation Sale! Save 20% Now! Use Code "THANKYOU"!

Funko Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty - Birdperson

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Introducing Funko Pop! Birdperson, the wise and noble avian alien from the animated series Rick and Morty! Get ready to add a touch of intergalactic adventure and wisdom to your Funko Pop collection with this iconic vinyl figure.

Standing at approximately 3.75 inches tall, Birdperson captures the essence of a stoic and loyal friend. With his feathered wings, sharp beak, and solemn expression, he exudes an aura of wisdom and strength.

This Funko Pop rendition flawlessly portrays Birdperson's distinctive appearance. From the details on his feathers to the design of his outfit and the stoic expression on his face, every aspect reflects his role as a close ally to Rick Sanchez and the unforgettable moments that made him a fan favorite in the Rick and Morty universe.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Rick and Morty or new to the world of animated sci-fi humor, Funko Pop! Birdperson is a must-have addition to your collection. Display him proudly on your shelf, desk, or alongside other Rick and Morty-inspired collectibles, and let his presence remind you of the adventurous journeys and thought-provoking themes in the show.

Complete your Rick and Morty Funko Pop collection by bringing together Birdperson with other iconic characters from the series. Explore the multiverse, laugh at the witty humor, and celebrate the uniqueness of each character.

Don't miss out on the chance to own this iconic Funko Pop! Birdperson collectible. Embrace the wisdom and loyalty of Birdperson, and let him become a standout centerpiece of your collection today!