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Funko Pop! Television: Friends - Chandler (80's Hair)

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Introducing the 80s Chandler Bing Funko Pop! Collectible Figure - a hilarious tribute to the iconic character from the TV show "Friends" in his retro glory! Standing at approximately 4 inches tall, this meticulously designed figure captures Chandler Bing's distinctive style and sarcastic charm from the 1980s. With his vintage outfit, hairstyle, and signature awkward grin, this figure transports you to the comedy-filled era. Whether you're a nostalgic fan of "Friends" or a collector of TV-inspired collectibles, the 80s Chandler Bing Funko Pop! Figure is a fantastic addition that captures the humor and camaraderie of Central Perk. Embrace the retro vibes and relive the witty moments with this delightful collectible!