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Game of Thrones Rhaegal Dragon Egg 3" Paperweight

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The Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Paperweight is a finely crafted piece of memorabilia. A resin-carved obelisk, the paperweight has aged details giving it an appearance of something you’d find on an anthropologist’s desk. The Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Paperweight is a quality item for any fan. Comes in a Game of Thrones protective drawstring pouch.

At the same time that the War of the Five Kings began in Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen was in possession of three petrified dragons eggs. They were given to her as a wedding gift, beautiful to look upon and valuable beyond comprehension, but otherwise useless. However, in a shocking display of old magic, Daenerys miraculously hatched the eggs and for the first time in generations filling the skies of the world with the music of dragons once more.
Red/Black -Drogon
Green- Rheagal
Cream/Gold -Viserion

Collect all 3 or choose your favorite dragon.