GSI Creos AMS 124 Gundam Marker Advance Set

A pen-type paint for easy painting, a completely new color set appears in the Gundam marker. It corresponds to the latest Gunpla, it is a versatile 6 color set. GM166 Gundam New White Enhanced the covert power (the ability to hide the foundation,) enhanced color with improved color GM167 Gundam Red Gold more gold red than the GM04 (Gundam gold,) golden elegant shine GM 168 Gundam Bright blue that can be used for light blue Gundam's chest and main color of goof, etc. Brilliant purple that can be used for machine color such as GM169 Gundam Purple Hi-v Gundam Main color of GM170 Titans Blue Titans affiliation aircraft GM 171 Sharp Pink 2 Based on the contents of the latest kit, the main color of the special machine for Char. GSI Creos is a global company with a network stretching across Japan, the USA, Europe, China, Southeast Asia and South America. GSI Creos has continued to develop our three core business areas of chemical products, industrial machinery/equipment and materials and hobby/lifestyle goods on a global level backed by cutting-edge technologies and specialist know-how. Our industrial products division is characterized by the broad range of products we handle, from large-scale process machines which contribute to automotive light weighting, to everyday items for a richer life, such as hobby products, raw materials for cosmetics and films for the production of PET bottles etc. Design, manufacture and sale of hobby materials - GSI Creos also deals in hobby materials which help to soothe and enrich our lives. We are a pioneer in paint and equipment used to build plastic models, which are recognized by model enthusiasts around the world.