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Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys Master Forge: Lord of The Rings - Gandalf The Grey Premium Edition

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"Gandalf the Grey has been captured in 1/2 scale statue form in his pose from the first ""Lord of the Rings"" film as he confronts the Balrog on Durin's Bridge, staff and sword at the ready as he shouts, ""You shall not pass!""
This second entry in the Master Forge series is available in two different versions, just like the first statue.
The Ultimate Edition utilizes long-lasting platinum silicone and rooted hair technology to perfectly create realistic skin, hair, beard, and eyebrows.
The Premium Edition features a PVC head, with a precision-painted wrinkles that give the figure a three-dimensional appearance. Even the inside of the mouth has been sculpted for a quality look.
Gandalf's outfit, including his grey robe and blue hat, has been made with textiles, flax-fabrics and synthetic leather. Through an extensive process of trial and error, Gandalf's appearance from the film has been captured in statue form.

Gandalf's staff and the Elven sword Glamdring that he held when facing the Balrog are included as accessories. The jewel on the staff can be displayed lit up with the use of an LED unit.

The base of the statue is themed around the Balrog and raging fires, and it also has a light-up features to give it an even more realistic look. The Balrog's head part is removable, allowing for different display options. Additionally, the base of the figure includes an NFC chip, allowing you to scan the NFC chip with an NFC enabled smartphone and unlock even more information.

Stay tuned for new items coming to the Master Forge series! "