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Kaiyodo Evangelion: 2.0 - Test Type-01 Statue Figure

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- Biological design When you perfectly model Evangelion's organic design with strong nuance, high sense is required both mechanical formulation and biological modeling.
- It is the true bone of Tani that you can shape with these tactile elements while mixing these two elements straightforwardly.
- In constructing a new brand featuring Tani Ming, Evangelion is an optimal motif as a subject to appeal its advantage.
- When the former theatrical version of Evangelion was produced, the reference model for the production of mass-produced machines that Tani has made is a distinctly different approach from the direction of previous Eva shaping, such as a unique silhouette and subtle muscle expression It is finished and it is not an exaggeration to say that it has played a part in creating an eerie atmosphere of mass production machines in the play.
- Evangelion appearing in the new movie version has been largely arranged from the old work to the balance etc., and it is a completely different thing if it is seen from a modeled line of sight.
- The ultimate three-dimensional statue which finished this setting picture with Tani's formative taste.