Kotobukiya Megami Device - Magical Baselard Model Kit

Estimated Arrival Date: June 2022

From Kotobukiya. A new collaboration between Megami Device, Frame Arms Girl, and M.S.G is here! This special collaboration kit is a set that includes the magical girl-themed Expansion Armor Type E (Dress Ver.) and Alnair Rod. The skirt and ribbon parts are articulated to accommodate action poses, allowing users to take full advantage of the machinika body's entire range of motion! The Alnair Rod has an antique-inspired color scheme, and the parts can be switched out to create various styles such as a magical staff, spear, sickle, wing units, and more. The magical effect parts are made of clear red plastic and come in three sizes as well as different shapes, all of which are equipped with 3mm joints for easy customization.