Max Factory PLAMAX GO-02 Godz Order - Goldwing Celestial Knight Megumi Asmodeus Model Kit

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From MAX Factory. The black knight, decorated with fire and snow, rides through the skies of Fantagio! Presenting Goldwing Celestial Knight Megumi Asmodeus, the second entry in the Akiman × Max Factory plastic model series Godz Order! Based on an original design by Akiman, this snap-fit model kit includes three pre-painted face plates, plus an unpainted face plate and eye decals to customize your own expressions. The uniquely designed apron is created with pre-painted PVC parts, and the skirt is made with pre-painted PS parts, with decals for the frill and main parts to capture the look of the original illustration. Her skirt is articulated, and her great axe can be transformed into a great sword. The model comes with a shield, waist mounting unit, two axes and a short sword. It can also be displayed without any equipment on. An articulated stand is included to display the model in a variety of poses.