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Mezco Child's Play 4: Bride of Chucky - 15" Mega Scale Tiffany

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From Mezco Toys. Mezco expands their ever-growing line of Chucky action figures and collectibles with one of the most frequently requested characters: Tiffany. After Chucky electrocutes her in a bathtub, he transfers her soul into a bridal doll. Now trapped in a doll body, Tiffany joins Chucky on his quest to find the Heart of Damballa, the amulet that can transfer their souls into human bodies. Tiffany is perfectly screen-matched from her bleached-blond hair to her black work boots. Dressed in her bridal gown with "leather" jacket, she comes complete with her TIFF necklace, tattooed décolletage, and lacquered fingernails. She speaks six phrases direct from the film, activated by a discreet button on her back. Tiffany also features realistic glass-like eyes, and nine points of articulation.