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Mondo The Thing - Macready 1/6 Scale Action Figure

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Estimated Arrival Date: October 2024
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From Mondo Tees.

Introducing the MacReady 1/6 scale figure inspired by 1982's THE THING from Universal Pictures. This figure comes fully equipped to battle the ultimate alien terror, featuring cloth and faux leather fabric elements. The set includes swappable hands, heads, and an array of weapons such as a shotgun, pistol, and flame thrower with a detachable flame accessory. The detailed ensemble comprises a Fabric Faux Leather Jacket, Fabric Flight Suit, Fabric Under Shirt, Faux Leather Belt, Standard Head, Frozen Head, and Gloved Hands. The figure is presented with various hand sets, including Fist, Trigger, and C-Grip, ensuring a dynamic display. Don't miss out on this meticulously crafted figure, complete with a figure stand.