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Cyber Week Sale! 20% Off Everything! Use Code "CYWEEK20" During Checkout!

PLUM Kominato Railway Crossing Plastic Model Kit

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From Plum, A 1/80 scale railroad crossing is now available in a two-color molded plastic kit!The yellow and black stripes are color-coded, so you can finish it as you imagined without painting.We modeled a familiar railroad crossing installed on the side of the railroad track, which matches any railroad scene from Showa to modern times.
The breaker faithfully reproduces not only the breakage prevention device but also the balancer.Since it is made of plastic, you can recreate a small railroad crossing such as a railroad crossing inside a station by cutting the railroad crossing to the desired length.
The train direction progress indicator and railroad crossing caution sign on the railroad crossing alarm support can be selected from three types, and the guard fence is also faithfully color-coded.Each part comes with a fixing pin that is convenient for installing a diorama. When installing in a floor layout, cut off the fixing pin before use.
Clear parts are used for the lamp, making it easy to modify. Would you like to add black and yellow colors to your railroad?