Bandai Tamashii Nations Metal Robot Spirits - Destiny Gundam Action Figure


Shine Asuka's Destiny Gundam joins the celebrated metal robot series! This high-quality action figure of the signature mobile suit is designed to capture all of its on-screen action, and features cutting-edge sculpting, metal parts, and a gorgeous finish. It's a definitive portrayal -- like it stepped right off the screen! It has even been engineered to firmly hold Its long-range beam rifle to enhance your display possibilities. All of the quality and possibility you've come to expect from metal robot spirits is captured in this latest release. The set includes:・figure and pair of "gripping" Hands・four optional sets of hands・"palma fiocina" Palm beam cannon・beam rifle・shield・beam shields effects (x2)・long-range beam rifle・"arondight" Beam sword・"arondight" Effect・display stand・"beam Boomerang" Effect (x2)t・beam saber effect(x2)