Sen-Ti-Nel Metamor Force - Final Dancouga Figure

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  • Final Dancouga is here!
  • Awesome redesigned set of Dancouga and Blackwing.
  • Featuring upgraded paint, die-cast metal parts, and more!

After a massive update, the long-awaited Final Dancouga is here! The Dancouga Final Dancouga Metamor Force Action Figure is an awesome set of Dancouga and Blackwing by Sentinel. Measuring about 8 3/5-inches tall, this combination of these two robots in a single set can be called the complete version of Final Dancouga. Don't miss it!

The paint of Dancouga has been upgraded completely, the head (non-transformable) is specially redesigned, and the enhanced wing seen in OVA is also included. Furthermore, part of the shoulder joints are rearranged and strengthened by die-cast metal parts. The paint of Blackwing has also changed in its entirety, giving a more high-end appearance in the combined form with Dancouga.