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Transformers Masterpiece BWVS-07 Beast Wars Airazor vs Inferno Action Figure

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Estimated Arrival Date: March 2024
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This release features episodes from the animated series and introduces the Beast Warrior characters from the recent movie in Premium Finish versions. Packaged in VS set boxes that evoke nostalgia, these sets include Airazor, Cybertron's aerial reconnaissance officer transforming into a falcon, and Inferno, Destron's ground attack commander transforming into an ant. The Premium Finish spec alters the coloring to match CG animation, providing realistic body patterns. The robot models resemble the anime characters more closely than the original toys. Additionally, Inferno's alternate-colored weapon, matching in shape, is included for play in both attack and flight modes. The package contains a reversible inner sheet reminiscent of the classic confrontation set box and two character cards.