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Weta Workship Mini Epics: Lord of The Rings - Frodo Baggins Figure (2nd Ver.)

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From Weta Workshop. In the face of great danger, outnumbered, and against all odds, Frodo proves that even the most insurmountable of journeys can be accomplished with enough persistence and a faithful friend at your side. Mini Epics Art Director Mauro Santini looks back at his journey by revisiting the first character to join the Mini Epics team: Frodo Baggins. Building upon all that he's learnt along the way, this vinyl collectible is not just a tribute to a rich and multi-faceted character, but a testament to the journey made along the way. This premium, stylised vinyl figure of Frodo Baggins looking weathered and weary from a long and perilous journey and armed with his Elven blade Sting and gripping the One-Ring is sculpted by Weta Workshop's Mini Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.